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0 LIP LINER ONLY This procedure involves lining the lips only, without filling them in.

0 TOUCH-UPS Eyeliner and brow procedures include 1 free touch-up. All eyeliner and brow touch-ups must be preformed within 30 to 60 days of the initial procedure.

Touch Ups after 1 year - For work originally done by me, the cost of touch-ups will be no more than 50% of what the current procedure price is.

The cost will be determined during the consultation and is dependent on how much color is left, if corrections need to be done and how much time it will take for the procedure.0 FASHION EYELINER Eyeliner applied as thick or thin.We will look at photos and discuss just how you would like it applied.All lip touch-ups must be preformed within 4 months of the original procedure, with the first being within the 30 to 60 days.For any other touch-ups done within the 1st year, the fee will be for eyeliner and brows and 0 for lips.

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